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Genesis 1:1

Greg Lundstedt

In the Beginning. Gaining A Correct View of God and His Creation


Genesis 1:2-5

Greg Lundstedt

The Redemptive Character of God Revealed in Creation. Light Out of Darkness – Day 1


Genesis 1:6-13

Greg Lundstedt

Let Us Stand in Awe of Him! God Prepares His Earth for Human Habitation – Day 2 and 3


Genesis 1:14-19

Greg Lundstedt

The Sun, Moon, And Stars Are Made by God as He Prepares His Earth for Habitation. Ordered Light to See and Live By – Day 4 


Genesis 1:20-31

Greg Lundstedt

Where Did We Come from And Why Are We Here? Man Is Created in The Image of God


Genesis 2:1-3

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Find True Rest? A Look at The Seventh Day


Genesis 2:4-17

Greg Lundstedt

A History of Man. How Did We Get Here?


Genesis 2:18-25

Greg Lundstedt

God’s Plan for Marriage. Lessons from The Creation of Woman


Genesis 3:1-6

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Be Victorious Over Satan’s Temptations? Learning from What Led to The Fall of Mankind


Genesis 3:7-15

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Escape the Grips of Death? Learning from God’s Response to The Fall of Mankind


Genesis 3:16-24

Greg Lundstedt

Why Is Life So Difficult? Understanding God’s Redemptive Discipline


Genesis 4:1-8

Greg Lundstedt

On What Basis Does God Accept Us and Our Worship? A Lesson from The Worship Of Cain And Abel


Genesis 4:9-16

Greg Lundstedt

What Does A Life Mastered by Sin Look Like? The Way of Cain – Part 1


Genesis 4:17-26

Greg Lundstedt

A Look at The Path Cain And His Descendants Take. The Way of Cain – Part 2 


Genesis 5:1-20

Greg Lundstedt

The Generations of Adam. Men Began to Call Upon the Name of The Lord


Genesis 5:21-32

Greg Lundstedt

What Does A True Walk with Jesus Look Like? Learning from Enoch’s Walk with God


Genesis 6:1-3

Greg Lundstedt

Why Did the Lord Bring the Flood Judgment? A Warning for The Wicked


Genesis 6:4-8

Greg Lundstedt

The Lord’s Response to Man’s Sin. Grief Expressed, Judgment Declared, And Grace Dispensed


Genesis 6:9-22

Greg Lundstedt

How Are We to Live in The Midst of a Sinful World? Learning from Righteous Life of Noah


Genesis 7:1-24

Greg Lundstedt

The Great Flood Judgment. Divine Deliverance Within Divine Destruction